About the Journal

Focus and Scope

Specific Objectives

a) Publish theoretical and empirical articles, case studies, bibliographic reviews, and interviews that present state of the art with a critical approach on topics relevant to the academic community involved with Experimental Design, Data Analysis, and Inferential Statistics;

b) Contribute to the dissemination of Applied Statistical knowledge, strengthening all Sciences and Engineering that use these concepts;

c) Update researchers, professionals, and public policymakers on the main trends in Experimental Design, Data Analysis, and Inferential Statistics.

Concentration Areas: Sciences, Engineering and Humanities

Target Audience: BJEDIS | Brazilian Journal of Experimental Design, Data Analysis and Inferential Statistics target audience is the entire national and international academic-scientific community. This journal will be plural and inclusive, covering themes ranging from Engineering to the Greater Humanities Area.

BJEDIS accepts: Original Articles, Review Articles, Reviews, and Interviews. The works presented to BJEDIS should be:

- Theoretical articles: Articles of theoretical development, supported by extensive bibliographic research and proposing new models, propositions, and interpretations for phenomena relevant to the fields that are the pillars of this newspaper;

- Empirical articles: Empirical works that expand knowledge in the area, based on methodologically well-founded research, carefully conducted and properly analyzed;

- Practical cases: Case studies or teaching cases that present a problem situation in which the author must use his knowledge based on robust statistical analysis to propose an alternative solution. The name of the organization or individual referred to in the case should be revealed only with the formal agreement of those, being the author (s) of the case responsible for identifying the protagonists;

- Reviews: Bibliographic reviews should be prepared from recent works, with a maximum of five years of release, presenting innovative and critical content, in addition to containing citations and references.

- Interviews: Interviews with personalities in the areas covered by the newspaper, bringing relevant and frontier information to the journal's readers.


Peer Review Process

 The journal will provide authors with the option to keep their name and affiliation confidential during the review process of submitted articles. This modality, known as double-blind peer review, differs from the single-blind process, in which only the identity of the reviewers is kept secret, even after the article is published.

Open Access Policy

BJEDIS offers immediate and free access to the content, following the principle that the free availability of knowledge to the public offers greater global democratization of knowledge.


License: Atribution CC 4.0