Information For Authors

Writing articles is exhausting, and many submissions may precede the final acceptance of different journals. Thus, facilitating the Author's work to increase his productivity is a challenge that should be a priority for scientific journals. Brazilian Journal of Experimental Design, Data Analysis and Inferential Statistics could not treat our authors differently. Therefore, BJEDIS also uses the YPYW system.

The Author can send us a single PDF file that will be used in the evaluation process. The final format will be required from the Author only after final acceptance. Then, BJEDIS will request you all the necessary items for the publication of your article.

Your paper must be sent to BJEDIS clicking here.

BJEDIS encourages you to upload any preprints of your works to to ensure instant paternity and worldwide Open Access circulation of your research, gather helpful feedback from colleagues all over the world via Qeios’ Open Peer Review facilities, and improve your manuscript before formal publication in our journal.

Article Processing Charges

The journal is Open Access. Article Processing Charges (APCs) allow the publisher to make articles immediately available online to anyone to read and reuse upon publication. BJEDIS' APC is US$ 33.00. For authors from low- and middle-income countries, BJEDIS's offers waivers and discounts. Please, send your request to

Also, BJEDIS is implementing a progressive APC system based on the 1st Author’s Academic Qualification. Thus, we will have four categories with differentiated APC:


                         1st Author ------------------------ APC (US $)   

           Graduate or Postgraduate --------------------- 33

                   Undergraduate --------------------------- 21

                      High-school ---------------------------- 10

                Elementary-school -------------------------- 0


Besides that, we all know about the Brazilian Scientific Initiation scholarships for High-school and Elementary-school students. Thus, BJEDIS will encourage students’ early participation in research groups, promoting Social Inclusion.

After receiving the acceptance of your paper, use this link for the APC payment:


Bank Deposit:


CNPJ: 72.060.999/0001-75

Banco do Brasil

Ag: 2234-9

C/c: 31.229-0