Evaluation of H2S Sorption Capacity by Geopolymers Produced in Heterogeneous Medium

Fernando Gomes de Souza Junior, Fabíola da Silveira Maranhão, Daniela Batista O. Gaspar, Arícia G. B da Motta, Sérgio Thode Filho, Diganta B. Das


Geopolymers are composed of aluminosilicates that, upon activation by alkaline solution, form repeated units, and are classified as inorganic polymers. Geopolymers have gained great prominence due to the obtainment of the raw material, which can be natural or residual, the ease of production and low cost. These materials are widely used in civil construction to replace Portland cement and also in the environmental area for the remediation of toxic compounds. However, there is still little in the literature about the applications of these materials. Thus, this work aimed to use geopolymers for hydrogen sulfide gas sorption and it was possible to verify that they are able to adsorb twice its mass in gas.


Geopolymer; Remediation; Hydrogen sulfide gas; Cancrinite; Safety

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.55747/bjedis.v1i2.48223


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