Thoughts on pedagogical techniques and environmental issues developed in a soap-making workshop targeting the teacher’s continuous formation


  • Daiana Kaminski de Oliveira
  • Romuel Barros Costa Silva
  • Daniela Kaminski de Oliveira
  • Milena Severo Esmério
  • Udo Eckard Sinks
  • Márcia Von Fruhauf Firme



Soap-making workshop, Continuous formation of teachers, Pedagogical practice, Reflection


The present publication describes activities developed at a public school of primary and secondary education. Initially, soap-making workshops were held including moments of reflection about pedagogical practice, and a questionnaire was applied to evaluate the teacher´s perceptions about the activity. Teachers' responses were assessed using quantitative and qualitative analysis. The results were expressed as a percentage and measures of central tendency or position. Based on the issues that came up during the debates, we notice the need for continuous formation, because this gives teachers the possibility to improve their performance in the classroom and therefore enriching their knowledge. After the evaluation of the questionnaires, one can observe the enrichment of the teacher’s perceptions regarding environmental issues and how much this type of activity with students contributes to broadening their knowledge concerning social content and environmental values. These activities with high school teachers had a positive impact because they contributed to transformative teaching around environmental education.