Drug delivery polymers: An Analysis Based on Literature Text Mining

Emiliane Daher, Fernando Gomes de Souza Junior, Jean Carelo, Viviane Brandão


Many polymers are used as drug carriers for controlled delivery because of its many advantages. To find the most used polymers for this purpose in recent years, we chose to use Text Mining as an evaluation tool. Text Mining tool was precious in this work to identify the main polymers that contributed to drug delivery, allowing us to draw a map year by year based on correlation analyzes. Firstly, an analysis was made on what was most researched per year, and then what were the most cited polymers. Then the most mentioned polymers were separated and organized to observe which year it was more or less cited. It was found with this work that none of the polymers showed only positive correlations in all years. Besides, polymers did not reveal individual growth in their use over the years. The Text Mining presented here proved to be an efficient and quick way to observe the desired theme and open up possibilities for research in different fields.


Text mining; Polymer; Drug delivery; Biodegradable; Biocompatible; Data mining

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.55747/bjedis.v1i1.48405


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