In language, everything is connected

Uli Reich, Eliete Figueira Batista da Silveira, Danielle Kely Gomes


Professor Uli Reich holds an MA in Spanish Literature from the University of Munich (1996), a PhD in Romance Language Linguistics from the University of Munich (2000) and a “Habilitation” from the University of Cologne. He has worked as a Scientific Collaborator at the University of Cologne and Visiting Foreign Professor at the Postgraduate Program in Vernacular Letters at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Since 2008 he is Ordinary Professor at the Freie Universität Berlin. He has experience in Linguistics, with emphasis on Linguistic Theory and Analysis, working on pragmatics, prosody, syntax, sociolinguistics and multilingualism in Portuguese, Spanish and French.


Interview; Researcher; Linguistics.

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REICH, Uli. Presupposed Modality. In: Marco García García & Melanie Uth (eds.), Focus realization in Romance and beyond, 203–227. Amsterdam, Philadelphia: John Benjamins, 2018.



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