Plant communities of the external beach ridge at the Jacarepiá State Ecological Reserve, Saquarema, RJ


  • A. L. Almeida
  • D. S.D. Araújo


vegetation, beach ridge, physiognomy, ecological reserve


Beach-ridge plant communities at the Jacarepiá State Ecological Reserve, Saquarema, Rio de Janeiro. Three plant communities were studied at the Jacarepiá State Ecological Reserve, Saquarema Municipality, Rio de Janeiro State. Topographic profiles and phytossociological parameters were used to define the lirnits ofthese communities and to identify the presence oftwo transition zones. The halophyte, creeping psamophyte and paIm scrub communities are located on the outer beach ridge of a two-ridge system found along the entire Rio de Janeiro coast, The 3-5m-wide halophyte community lies on the steepest part ofthe backshore and is dominated by Ipomoea pes-caprae and Blutaparon portulacoides. It can be distinguished from the creeping psammophyte communitiy by the low plant cover and small number of species (S). A total of 30 species were found in the psamophyte community which is dominated by Ipomoea littoralis and Sporobolus virginicus. Life forms appear to be important to the success of these species. The paim scrub community is dominated by Allagoptera arenaria.