Trophic Ecology of stream fishes


  • K. E. Esteves
  • J. M.R. Aranha


Feeding studies developed in Brazilian streams are reviewed and analysed considering the influence of abiotic changes and food availability on diet, the int1uence of spatial gradients, feeding habits and tactics and food partitioning on trophic relations. In order to assess the present situation most common lines of research of other countries have been quoted. This analysis has shown that in general, very few observational work exists, with some regions showing a very low representativity. Experimental and behavioural observations as well as more observational work is needed, considering the spectrum of streams of different ecosysterns, in order to provide a basis for the building of a conceptual framework for tropical streams. Fi nal ly, future lines of research are suggested in order to increase the understanding of the dynamics of these cornmunities.