Mário Luciano de Mélo Silva Júnior, Paula Rejane Beserra Diniz, Daniella Araújo de Oliveira, Luciana Patrizia Alves de Andrade Valença, Antonio Carlos dos Santos, Marcelo Moraes Valença


Normal aging is associated with morphological alte-rations in brain. Ventricular system is located deep inside brain and reflect the overall process of parenchymal atrophy. Once neurode-generative disorders course with more prominent dilatation of brain ventricles, to establish normative volumetric parameters from Brazi-lian healthy old individuals is necessary, and it may be an additional tool on differentiation from the normal to pathological. Objective: To investigate brain ventricular volume changes in Brazilian healthy el-derly people. Methods: Transversal study using magnetic resonance imaging (1.5T) of the brain from 21 elderly healthy volunteers (67À6 years old). Data were assessed with manual segmentation techni-que. Regions of interest were the brain ventricles and intracranial volumes. Old (60-69 years old, 15 women) and Older (>69 years old) groups were created for analysis. Results: Volume of all ventricular compartments significantly increased (p<.001) with age, with excep-tion of the fourth ventricle. The third and lateral ventricles increased between groups 2.1- and 2.8-fold, respectively. Mean total ventricular volume was 1.2À.4% of intracranial volume in Old and 3.2À1.8% in Ol-der group (p<.001), which represents 15À6ml and 40À24ml (p=.001), respectively. We observed a moderate to strong positive correlation between ventricular volume and age, with the best correlation in the third ventricle (r=.710). Total intracranial volume diminished with age, but without statistical significance. Conclusions: Brain ventricles vo-lume increased significantly with age in healthy old individuals, with exception of the fourth ventricle.



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