The opportunity to remember William Richard Gowers (1845-1915) and his concept of abiotrophy, now best understood and called apoptosis or programmed cell death

Marleide da Mota Gomes


William Richard Gowers (1845-1915) was one of the most prolific and insightful neurologists of all times. He gave major contributions to the development of the medicine through the presentation of signs, syndromes, new concepts and many publications, mainly based on
his thorough examination of his patients at the National Hospital, London. In this paper, they were enrolled several Gowers' contributions, besides, it is discussed his concept of abiotrophy. Gowers at his time already recognized what is now most deeply understood and
called programmed cell death or apoptosis that occurs normally during the development or aging, but also under a range of stimuli and conditions, physiological or pathological, on the dependence of a cell selective vulnerability.


Gowers, neurology, abiotrophy, apoptosis, programmed cell death, semiology, death centennial

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