Primary cerebrospinal fluid leak complicated with meningitis and parainfectious vasculitis: case report and literature review

Raíssa Habka Cariello, Marcelo Ricardo Canuto Natal, Eduardo Waihrich, Talyta Grippe Talyta Grippe


This paper aims to describe a case of an immunocompetent 60-year-old patient presenting a subarachnoid hemorrhage in the absence of aneurysmal disease. Initial evaluation pointed to vasculitis of the central nervous system secondary to meningeal infection. After initial treatment, a cerebrospinal fluid leak was identified, with no antecedent of trauma, elucidating the origin of infection. Primary cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea has nonspecific symptomatology, defying diagnosis, and potentially serious complications. It represents an unusual predisposing factor for meningeal infection and secondary vasculitis. This case report exemplifies a feared complication of spontaneous cerebrospinal fluid leakage.



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