Sleep hygiene at COVID-19 times to avoid circadian misalignment

M. da Mota Gomes, Gisele S. L. Moura Neves


In times of social isolation, as it may occur due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there are problems such as those regarding lack of regular exercising, socializing outside the home, all that can lead to poor sleep quality. According to the circadian rhythm, behavioral and physiological processes occur at the ideal times of the day and in the correct time order. However, circadian rhythms misalignment, as can result in confinement situations, can result in inadequate times for sleeping. All these constraints may result in metabolic and cognitive- -behavioral negative consequences, at least. Consequently, healthy sleep hygiene indoors is necessary to avoid risk factors for insomnia and physical/psychological disorders. Besides, stress should be avoided by reducing exposure to a large amount of information on COVID-19 and its related negative consequences. This paper raises issues about the circadian rhythms and their ideal alignment, besides insomnia risk factors related to the disrupted environment and personal characteristics. In the end, some tips are presented regarding sleep hygiene at social isolation time



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