Anatomical, radiological and clinical features of mesial temporal lobe epilepsy: two illustrated cases reports

Cássy Geovanna Ferreira Moura Moura, Jean Lima Fontenele, Maria Clara Nolasco Alves Barbosa, Fernando Morgadinho Santos, Giuliano da Paz Oliveira


Mesial temporal lobe epilepsy is the most commom form of focal epilepsy in adults. Its clinical features include focal seizure, dysmnestic symptoms – such as déjà vu or jamais vu – and autonomic or psychic aura. We reported two cases of mesial temporal lobe epilepsy with similar clinical features, but with entirely different etiologies. Mesial temporal sclerosis contributes up to 70% of all mesial temporal lobe epilepsy cases and MRI usually shows reduced hippocampal volume and increased signal intensity on T2-weighted imaging. Incomplete hippocampal inversion has uncertain relation with epilepsy and is characterized by an atypical verticalized and medially positioned anatomical pattern of the hippocampus and also a deep collateral sulcus.



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