Neuroculture and Aesthetics

Exploring the Multidisciplinary Ambiance of Art, Beauty and the Human Brain




This narrative review addresses the intersection between neuroculture and aesthetics, exploring the intricate relationship between neuroscience and the perception of beauty. The presentation begins by mentioning the philosophical foundations of aesthetics and moves on to the neural basis behind the sensory and emotional processing of beauty. Progressing further, it presents the intricate networks involved in interactions and responses to art, elucidating the brain's mechanisms for appreciating artistic stimuli. Finally, it investigates the neural networks associated with deriving personal and symbolic meaning from art forms, shedding light on how our brains deduce meaning and value from aesthetic experiences. Thus, there is an integration of studies based on the connectome with neuroaesthetics, on how the complete network of neural connections in the brain influences and shapes the way we perceive, interpret, and appreciate beauty. Furthermore, the article addresses the impact of virtual reality and artificial intelligence on traditional concepts of creativity, challenging existing paradigms. Concluding, it explores the potential educational and therapeutic applications of 'Visual Thinking Strategies' in promoting artistic engagement with potential educational and therapeutic applications.