Exploring the Art and Experiences of Painters with Epilepsy





This narrative review addresses the world of artists who

linked their creative journeys alongside their battles with epilepsy, a neurological condition engineered by recurrent epileptic seizures, with multifaceted implications in biopsychosocial domains. By examining the lives and works of celebrated artists such as Vincent Van Gogh and contemporary painters, particularly those possibly affected by epilepsy, a narrative transcends clinical elucidations, investigating historical contexts, artistic expressions, and therapeutic interventions. The focus is on uncovering the transformative influence of engaging in artistic activities for individuals struggling with epilepsy. It investigates the profound impact of artistic pursuits on people affected by epilepsy, showing the resilience of the human spirit in harnessing adversity as a source of creativity. This exploration illuminates the potential of art, not only as a means of self-expression, but also as a therapeutic medium in the setting of epilepsy and associated neurorehabilitation.