Processamento da concordância variável no PB em uma perspectiva experimental

Mercedes Marcilese, Késsia da Silva Henrique, Cristina Azalim, Cristina Name


Brazilian Portuguese exhibits variable patterns of nominal and verbal number morphological agreement: (i) redundant marking in the full DP and in verbal suffix; (ii) non-redundant agreement, with plural morphology in D. This paper focuses on adult processing of variable agreement in a psycholinguistic point of view; the topic is empirically investigated by means of a self-paced listening task. The results showed longer listening times in the non-standard agreement conditions and suggest that, even when the non-standard rule is well accepted, the absence of the repeated marks may be more cognitively demanding when compared with the standard agreement pattern.

DOI: 10.17074/2238-975X.2015v11n1p118

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