Dossier Feminisms in the 21st Century


In order to think about the contemporary feminist struggle, we need to consider the selective organizational structure of world economies, the peripheral role of developing countries and their concrete expressions of superexploitation and degradation, both of working conditions and of the material conditions of production and reproduction of workers' lives, and the different expressions that feminism takes on in its denunciation of intersectional discrimination (class, race, gender, generation and ecology). 

This dossier: "Feminisms in the 21st Century" seeks to bring together articles that analyze:

a) the Marxist and decolonial theoretical perspectives in the construction of feminist thought;

b) the historical advances in the feminist movement, among them those on social, political, sexual and reproductive rights, gender identity, motherhood and the world of work, sexual and moral harassment and combating the multiple expressions of violence;

c) the advances and agendas of black and indigenous feminism;

d) the differences between socialist and liberal feminisms in their mediation with intersectionality;

e) the redefinition of feminism by the LGBTQIA+ movements;

f) and the strategies of struggle and articulation of the international feminist movement.

Dead Line: June 30, 2024

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